Confidentiality is Essential

Our Accredited Network of world-class scientists provide confidential contract research for new and innovative technologies for insect pest control products for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Accurate test result data is submitted securely and directly to AAES for evaluation and analysis. Only the Academy Director and our contracted client see the final research report which remains confidential and remains property of the contacted client.

Reliable Contracted Services

AAES acts as the liaison between our contracted clients and our global network of accredited scientists. We assist in helping our clients determine the best test methods necessary to achieve their objective while staying within the parameters of their budget. We are available to contracted clients, for continued follow-up throughout specific application issues, provide consultation regarding employed technology, and are fully qualified to give "our expert opinion". We consult with prospective new clients to gain an understanding of their objective in order to help them accomplish their goals efficiently. We maintain a research network of accredited scientists, academics and collaborators all over the world.

Academy Director

Jeffrey Brown, PhD, RPE, BCE (Full Biography)

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Dr. Brown holds multiple patents for insect control devices, is a former Director of Technical Development for S.C. Johnson Wax, and Director General of American Academy of Entomological Sciences.